Ceremony Addon's
At Montecito Weddings, we are all about romance.

​Through our commitment and passion to detail and our love of the written word, we have created some of the finest and most heartwarming ceremonies that speak directly to the heart.

Whether you prefer Christian sentiments, Non-Denominational, or Civil wording to your ceremony, we can customize your ceremony with these simple yet moving additions that will warm your heart and add that special personalized touch that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.

“Rose Exchange” Ceremony ...$30

​The rose is long associated with love and forgiveness. In this touching ceremony addition, we take a look at the historical impact that roses have made upon the greatest love stories in history, which reminds us that love does indeed conquer all. Included in the Rose Exchange ceremony are two perfect long stemmed roses and a special gift to you: a single crystal rose in an elegant satin lined gift box. Sure to be a treasured family heirloom and memento of your special day.

“Blending of the Sands” Ceremony ...$25

​The sand ceremony is a wonderful addition to any beach wedding ceremony, symbolizing the blending of two persons or two families into one. Included are two containers each with a different color of sand, as well as the keepsake heart shaped central container into which the two sands are poured, creating a unique and treasured rememberance of your wedding day. Additional colors may be added for $5 each.

“Blessing of the Wine” ceremony ...$45

​Santa Barbara, at the heart of the Central Coast Wine Country, is the perfect setting for our Blessing of the Wine ceremony. Whether beachside or amidst the vines, the wine ceremony is symbolic of a couple joining their lives together. Stemming from medieval tradition, the sharing of the cup represents being of one blood, one kin, one family, and that what happens to one, happens to the other for better or worse, for all the days of your lives. Includes sparkling wine or cider and keepsake hand painted wine glass as a memento of your fruitful day.

“Wish upon a Starfish” Ceremony ...$50

​Through the retelling of an age old story, this ceremony speaks of the extraordinary difference that we make in each others lives. Perfectly suited for beach weddings, this ceremony add on includes two perfect white “wishing” starfish and guest “wish jar”, filled with all of the hopes and dreams gifted to you by friends and family for you to open and read upon your first anniversary. A Montecito Weddings exclusive and favorite!

“Love Gems” Exchange ...$60

​Each of us as couples are a special treasure to one another, sharing a love that is precious and unique! Through the exchange of two heart shaped semi precious stones (rose quartz and turquoise) this ceremony addition speaks of the value and healing power of love. Our gift to you: two semi precious heart shaped gemstones for you and your loved one to treasure for a lifetime.

“Pearls of Love” Ceremony ...$60

​In this Montecito Weddings exclusive, the Pearls of Love ceremony speaks of how the trials and challenges we face as both individuals and couples forge what becomes a stronger and dynamic love relationship. Certain to bring a tear to the eye, the Pearl ceremony is also the beginning of a lifelong anniversary tradition. Our gift to you: a genuine pearl necklace starter, upon which you add a new pearl on each anniversary throughout your lives to create a lustrous genuine pearl necklace to be handed down through the generations!

Wedding Ceremonies can be performed in English, Spanish, or French

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