About Montecito Weddings

About Montecito Weddings

First, let us say to you: congratulations on your engagement! There is no song more melodic, no sound so exquisitely sweet as hearing the one you love say to you, “Will you marry me?”. Know this: no matter how many roads you travel or how many years you travel upon them, you will never forget the day when he (or she, it’s a modern world) spoke those four fabulous words! It is our role to then take that same sense of delight and abundant joy to create magnificent wedding memories to last a lifetime.

Montecito Weddings is honored and blessed to have brought together in marriage over 3,000 delightful and loving couples! We work with men and women of all beliefs and traditions: religious, spiritual, or secular, celebrating your personal histories as well as the loving future laid out before you! We welcome personalization of your ceremony with traditions old and new, and will happily act as your guide in choosing the right one for the both of you.

Much like a love song, we truly feel that a ceremony should be more than just generic words on a page. We use words that weave an intricate auditory tapestry that speaks to every ear and sings to every heart. Therefore our ceremonies are often described as warm, intimate, and heartfelt… humorous at times, but ultimately spoken directly from the heart.

In addition to being a hopeless romantics, we bring to the altar over 15 years worth of experience in the wedding industry (our background ranging not only in ministry but also wedding cakes and catering, to floral design and photography, as well as small business management).

We delight in making the planning process easy and stress free for brides and grooms from around the world, or right here in our own sunny back yard. Our all inclusive wedding packages make event planning a breeze with multiple options to suit every budget and Ala Carte items to customize your ceremony or reception to your individual needs!

While a picture indeed says a thousand words, words paint a picture of who you are both as individuals and as a couple. Romantic, poetic, and heartfelt custom ceremonies are our specialty, written specifically for you to represent your love, lives, and laughter together. As no two couples are alike, no two love stories the same, no grains of sand on the beach exactly the same color…neither should be your wedding ceremony! Many wedding officiants will charge upward of $500 for writing a ceremony exclusively for you, but from our shared love of the written word, we happily include this service in all of our wedding packages… free of charge!

In addition to our fully inclusive wedding packages and custom written ceremonies, we have also personally developed a myriad of symbolic and ceremonial exchanges and blessings. When added to the body of your ceremony, these heartwarming dedications transform mere words into cherished memories! Together lets paint a picture of your love with words, ones that you and your loved ones will remember for a lifetime!

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about Montecito Weddings. We look forward to getting to know you and to sharing in your most special and perfect wedding day! Blessings to you both and happy wedding planning!